What the Prophets Say!

What the Prophets Say!

Join Emma Stark and Sam Robertson for authentic, bold truth-telling as they tackle the big issues and share what God is saying today. What the Prophets say! with Emma Stark is a weekly podcast which shares courageous conversations on the voice of God and how we can respond in our own lives.

What the Prophets Say!
  • Killing Jezebel - What the Prophets Say! E1

    How did Emma help her transgender hairdresser get rid of a poltergeist? In this launch episode, learn why prophesying over yourself is important, what the Billion Soul Harvest prophecy means for you and discover more about the power and freedom found in the name of Jesus.

  • Do demons smell? And other questions - What the Prophets Say! E2

    We are in the days of great deliverance! In war, you need to know your enemy and in this episode, you'll discover the most common demons to get rid of and their characteristics. Join Emma and Sam for bold truth-telling of your calling as a Kingdom liberator, here to destroy the works of darkness ...

  • War of Two Kingdoms - What the Prophets Say! E3

    Who wants a new adventure with God! Journey with Emma and Sam as they share childhood stories and how to be radically dependent on Christ in the middle of a war between the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of God. Spoiler - Jesus wins!

  • The successful church vs the Victorious Church - What the Prophets Say! E4

    How do you love the Church when you've been hurt by people in it? Join Emma and Sam to understand why it's important to continually love the Church, learn to move past wounding and discover that the power of the Church lies in hearts, not laws.

  • Jesus is Not Your Personal Saviour - What the Prophets Say! E5

    In part two of The successful church vs the victorious Church, Emma and Sam unpack why Jesus is Lord instead of personal Saviour and how revolutionary the Kingdom of God is. From high school Maths classes to redirecting reiki users to Jesus, the Kingdom of God is a transformational part of our da...

  • The God who Shakes Us - What the Prophets Say! E6

    Why does God shake us? So He can give us an increased level of His glory! Learn how to carry greater glory for the Kingdom of God with Emma and Sam as they explore the ways God shakes us, and how to yield your heart to God in the process.

  • How To Get Free from Fear - What the Prophets Say! E7

    Let Emma and Sam empower you to get rid of the spirit of fear! Fear is not just on individuals, it also impacts business and nations. Learn what a strongman is, how to deal with them and how to guard yourself.

  • Navigating Leviathan - What the Prophets Say! E8

    No one wants a multi-headed demon of chaos in their life. It's time to wake up to the spirit realm! Learn what Leviathan is, how it impacts you and how you can get free from chaos and miscommunication today.

  • You've got the Power! - What the Prophets Say! E9

    Emma and Sam share some of their wildest stories as they discuss the power of the Holy Spirit, worshipping radically and how God can use you for His glory. It's time to become a sign and a wonder!

  • Living by God's Voice - What the Prophets Say! E10

    Do you know how to live only by the voice of God? Join Emma and Sam for honest conversation about the urgent need to live by revelation and the raising of a Revelation 11 church, which you are a part of!

  • How to Increase in Miracles - What the Prophets Say! E11

    Want to know how to increase in miracles? Power lies in your tongue, and we need to tame our tongue in obedience to God. From cutting off offence to powerful prayers to set you free, Emma and Sam dig into challenging dishonour in our world. Plus learn the Kingdom meaning of colours and what God w...

  • Change by the Spirit - What the Prophets Say! E12

    Special guest Louise Reid joins Emma and Sam to set you free! Learn why we are spiritual beings having a fleshly experience, how change comes by the Spirit of God plus top tips on engaging with God more deeply to experience the emotions of the Lord.

  • Victory in Days of War - What the Prophets Say! E13

    Hold onto your hats as Emma, Louise and Sam share how to get free from battle weariness and set you up for victory in the days of war. As Kingdom warriors, we are all in perpetual warfare against the kingdom of darkness. But God gives us strategy - it's time to learn spiritual warfare!

  • How God uses failure - What the Prophets Say! E14

    Failure is not final, it’s formative! In the moment of loss, it can be incredibly difficult but pain can be a birthplace for God’s glory. Join Emma, Sam and Louise as they wrestle with the fallout of failure and how God can use it to form us.

  • Stewarding Glory - What the Prophets Say! E15

    What are glory hotspots? How do we steward increased levels of the glory of God? Join Emma, Sam and Louise as they discuss fresh sacrifice and fresh fire in this intriguing and challenging episode.

  • Demonstrate or Die - What the Prophets Say! E16

    We are in the days of demonstration! Join Emma and Sam as they declare the power of God is returning to the people of God, remove powerless Christianity and share how you are a demonstrator of the Kingdom of God. It's time to move in power!

  • Stop Self Sabotage - What the Prophets Say! E17

    Join Emma and Sam as they warfare to break your cycles of self sabotage and liberate you into a radical pioneering grace. Get ready to get free of self sabotage!

  • Supersize Your Capacity - What the Prophets Say! E18

    Be strengthened to bear the weight of your season! Emma and Sam explore the journey to increased capacity with behind the scenes stories including drunk worship leaders and believing for miracles. Learn top tips to help you grow into one who having done all, stands.

  • Victory in Days of War - What the Prophets Say! E19

    Did you know you are what you think? Stop setting your value based on your sin and join Emma and Sam as they deliver bold truth telling on the dangers of thinking lowly of yourself in this challenging, uplifting episode.

  • Kill Anti-Christ - What the Prophets Say! E20

    We've entered the time of weaponised testimony! Emma and Sam explain what are anti-christ spirits, and how to kill them with the power of testifying who Jesus is and what He has done. Who is ready to destroy demons?

  • Navigating War - What the Prophets Say! E21

    Get equipped to navigate seasons of conflict in this stretching episode. Emma and Sam discuss the globalisation of war, World War 3 and other challenging topics. Listen in to uncover harvest plans, action plans and victory plans for these days of war, and why it’s so important to not partner with...

  • Satanic Fire - What the Prophets Say! E22

    What is the one sure measurement of knowing if the fire you are in is satanic or holy? In this power-packed episode, Emma and Sam warfare on your behalf to step out of false fire and into the holy fire of God, as they discuss the difference between being burnt by satan and being burnt by the Lord.

  • Your Assigned Purpose - What the Prophets Say! E23

    Do you feel muffled or contained? This is your time to step into creative entrepreneurial solutions, fueled by the Holy Spirit. It’s time to see yourself as a sent one, whose life has an assigned purpose that God has commissioned you into! Join Emma and Sam as they unpack a prophetic vision from ...

  • Take Back What's Yours - What the Prophets Say! E24

    You are in a war for recovery. This is the year to take back what is yours! Join Emma and Sam as they declare over you strength and victory to recover promises, break old cycles and restore stolen inheritances.

    God needs you as an established person in your nation. It’s time to step forward and ...