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Watch this video and more on Global Prophetic Alliance

EP 178 // Revelation Is Vital

Power Hour!

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    Do you feel like you have been in a boxing match with God? Could it be that He is helping His people lose their idols? Join Emma, Sarah-Jane and Katrina as they discuss why we hunger after things that are NOT God. Why do we let ourselves get crippled by our idolatry? As always with POWER HOUR th...

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    Are we blurring the boundaries between what is of the Kingdom of God and what is of the kingdoms of this world? What is satan's "kingdom" - where does he rule and have authority? Can we even define what is the Kingdom of God? As believers in the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven and the utlimate...

  • EP 175 // Present Truth

    What "present truths" do we need to know and be aware of to help us navigate the season? What is God saying to us that we must be seat-belted and secured into? What fundamental truths do we need to know right now? Join Sam, Sarah-Jane and Katrina for POWER HOUR