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Watch this video and more on Global Prophetic Alliance

EP 206 // Houses of Worship

Power Hour!

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    "You've Got the Power!". How should Pentecost change your life? What should the impact of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit be? Pentecost means that you have the power of the Holy Spirit inside. Now, what are you going to do with it?

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  • EP 204 // Navigating Change

    Change can be so difficult. How do we successfully navigate change, avoiding resentment and loss of identity? How do we deal with resistance and, perhaps above all, how do we keep our hearts pure when everything around us is shifting?

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  • EP 201 // The Never Quitters!

    "The Birth of the Never-Quitters!" If you've ever thought of giving up, throwing in the towel or walking away from it all, you'll want to join Katrina, Deb and Nicola for POWER HOUR! Get the faith boost you need to persevere!